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Pangaia Takes Inspiration From the Arctic Ocean for Comfy Sweats and Hoodies

Having launched a wildlife animal-inspired range last month, Pangaia has now returned with a collection celebrating the Arctic Ocean. The release aims to raise awareness of the challenges the region has been facing over recent decades due to climate change.

“Despite one of the most extreme climates on the planet, the Arctic is home to a variety of species – from seals and whales to polar bears and walruses. It is our duty to protect the last remaining areas of wilderness,” the brand shares in a press release. Just like most of its predecessors, the “Arctic” collection is comprised of logo hoodies, sweatshirts, tees and pants that are made of eco-friendly materials such as recycled cotton and organic peppermint oil cotton. Each comfy garment arrives in four color options ranging from “Deep Sea Blue” and “Polar Blue,” to “Arctic Blue” and “Ice Blue.”

Take a look at all of the offerings down below. Priced from $55 USD to $150 USD, the “Arctic” collection is now available.

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